Saluting Agboworin’s Audacity, Loyalty, Visionary Leadership | By Ayobami Ayodele


Ibadan – In the political history of Ibadan North East/South East Federal constituency, there has never been any politician who has the clout, charisma, which Rep. Abass Adigun Agboworin has wielded ab initio. Undoubtedly, he has been making waves in the political landscape with a series of bold and daring moves that have left many in awe.

Considering his much-talked-about excellent performance, ranging from his representation in the House of Representatives, the series of initiatives, trainings, employment opportunities, emporwerment programmes and the infrastructural projects he has been able to facilitate, Agboworin has, without doubt, proven to be an extraordinary politician; one with a human face.

From tackling long-standing issues of misrepresentation and maladministration to pushing the boundaries of conventional politics, Agboworin has demonstrated a level of audacity that is rare in today’s political climate. For many federal lawmakers in either the Senate or the House of Representatives, going to Abuja is a form of escape from the many requests either reasonable or otherwise from the constituents. But, as for Agboworin, it is finding fulfillment in people-oriented representation and looking after the welfare of the people. That exactly is the way he has been playing politics.

Equally, his audacity has been seen in his commitment to serving the interest of the people alone regardless of the strong opposition and daring confrontations from powerful interests, who only want all the ‘goodies from Abuja’ be packed into their pockets. After all, having retired following his years of meritorious service in the United States Navy, Agboworin decided to join politics in his home state, with a view to contributing to the development of his constituency, the state and the country at large. That was practically a bold action away from the normal experience the people are used to.

The lawmaker has never looked back but remained resolute in his pursuit of desired outcome for the benefit of the people. This is a man who has done a lot. I salute him. His unwavering dedication has inspired countless number of people to demonstrate the willingness in challenging the status quo.

Agboworin’s fearlessness in his approach to challenges is so amazing. By taking a bold and unconventional stance, his action has sparked a much-needed conversation and brought attention to a critical problem that had been overlooked for far too long.

Many times and consistently too, Agboworin has shown to the world that his loyalty lies with his ‘Oga Oga’, His Excellency, ‘Seyi Makinde, who has always given him a father-to-son support. Being a man of integrity, who would never bite the finger that feeds him, he has continuously been following the footsteps of the wonderful great leader and embracing his ideology tailored towards humanity development and people-centrism.

Apart from that, he has been promoting the ideals of his political party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and has consistently been a party man with respect to party structure and party members.

He has displayed courage and focus in the midst of clandestine moves by political detractors, who have prioritised personal gain above public interest. In his agenda, the interest of the people comes above other interests. This is why he will never listen to the noise oozing from whatever quarters as his focus is centred on nothing but the people. He remains resolute, determined and preoccupied with things that would better the lives of the people.

While some may criticize his methods as unorthodox or even controversial, it is undeniable that his audacity has brought about significant progress and positive change to the constituency. His unwavering commitment to the vision he has and willingness to take risks has inspired a new generation of leaders and citizens alike.

In conclusion, Agboworin’s audacity serves as a testament to the power of courageous leadership and the impact it can have on our communities, states and the country at large.

Ayobami Ayodele is a political analyst from Ibadan North East. He writes from Ibadan.


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